Ayurveda Treatment

Introduction :

Ayurveda, an Indian system of medicine which is meant for treating the disease of an unhealthy person and maintaining the health of the healthy. This way of treating not only cures the disease symptomatically but also eradicates the ailments from its root. Therefore increasing the health overall and maintenance of it throughout by immunizing the body because of which reoccurrence of the disorder is hampered.


Ayurvedic therapy :

Accordingly a disease can be cured in two ways. Externally, through rejuvenation therapies, and Panchakarma and internally through medications.


Rejuvenation therapy includes :

Full body massage+steam (sarvaanga Abhyanga and sweda)

Shirodhara (medicated oil pouring on to forehead)

Takradhara (pouring medicated freshly prepared buttermilk on to forehead)




Panchakarma includes five procedures :

Vamana (emesis) detoxification through upper GIT system.

Virechana (purgation) detoxification through lower GIT system.

Basti (medicated enema) detoxification by purgation by instillation of medicated oils or kashayas through the anal opening or retention of oil in a localised area.

Nasya (nasal drops instillation) detoxification by instillation of medicated nasal drops into both the nostrils.

Raktamokshana (blood letting) blood purification procedure through leech therapy.

And other disease related therapies with doctors consultation is offered in our centre.